Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Getting There

I have been experimenting with different brushes and setting in Illustrator, it has been fun and challenging. I have wanted to create patterns for quite a while so I have been messing with that too.
I love fabric :) and a great tool for fabric lovers is Spoonflower, where you can create your own or buy other people's custom designs pretty darn awesome.. especially when you consider the alternatives. I have been starting out with flowers....which are actually pretty difficult when they aren't quirky and cute. Then I decided to draw some birds and this is what happened.......
She's fun and stylish with her hat

Here is the crazy pattern that has the same flowers as the bird with hat 
So I'm  not really happy with the repeat or lack there of or the colors but it's a start.

Then these are the quirky flowers I did just now with 2 different background colors.
Maybe I will do a little "how to" post and show you my pattern making process :)
As always I'm working on a few different things at once, I get easily distracted/frustrated so new projects are always in the works. I hope to be done with a new drawing by next week, I'm quite excited :)
We shall see.....
Have a Happy Wednesday Everyone!


Anonymous said...

As flowers and birds are two of my most favorite things, I love your designs and colors.

The birdey with the hat is simply adorable.

Keep on creating and imagining!

Anonymous said...

im so into this bird its not even funny! great job shes super cute!!!

floating thru fields said...

thanks for your kind words :)

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